GSM-controlled Air handling Unit Controller

Easy to use

Ouman EH-105 is an intelligent air handling unit controller that is suitable for all kinds of applications. The controller’s diverse and innovative control solutions are as easy to use as the other Ouman controllers that have a reputation for user friendliness.

An informative display with built-in help and intelligent solutions makes the EH-105 easy to install and commission and make changes during use. GSM-Control makes it possible for EH-105 to be remotely controlled and monitored via a mobile phone.

Informative display

Ouman EH-105’s logical user interface makes the controller easy for even non-professionals to use. The i-button can be pressed to obtain additional information and instructions from the clear text display. The controller comes with three language options – Finnish, Swedish and English.



Extremely easy to install and commission

The Ouman EH-105 controller has been made very easy to install and commission. EH- 105 differs from the traditional substations because it has control programs which the installer can take into use that have been programmed and tested at the factory. Factory settings correspond to real needs. All parameters can be changed to precisely meet desired ventilation processes.

Remote-control via mobile phone
Ouman EH-105 comes with a built-in GSM function.
The patented GSM-control function gives a person the  option of controlling ventilation of a facility via mobile technology.
A GSM modem must be connected to the controller to be able to use a GSM.

Communication with EH-105 is especially easy with the help of a graphic user interface which can be downloaded for free from Ouman’s web pages: EH-105 control and monitoring can also occur by text message via any GSM phone.

Easily configured through Windows based configuration tool
The EH-105 configuration tool is freely available. Load here.

The configuration tool allows the controller parameters to be fine tuned to a specific application. The tool works both off-line and on-line, making it possible to program the controller off site. The configuration tool also automatically generates the connection diagram.

On-demand air conditioning saves energy

The Ouman EH-105 Air Handling Unit Controller offers more accurate and efficient control. The controller senses the quality of indoor air and controls air flow intelligently based on demand. On-demand air conditioning is more comfortable, protects building structures and the air handling unit and conserves energy.

Senses ventilation requirements
Bad indoor air quality reduces productivity and makes you feel tired. High relative humidity damages the building structure.  The Ouman EH-105 AHU controller monitors indoor temperature, carbon dioxide levels and relative humidity and adjusts the ventilation levels accordingly. Classrooms, auditoriums, assembly rooms, offices etc. always have good air quality good air quality even though they are full of people. When there are less people in the room, the EH-105 controller automatically and efficiently reduces ventilation levels, conserving energy.

Innovative control solutions
The EH-105 Air Handling Unit Controller has been designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding applications in Scandinavia where, for example, the temperature gradients are large, the usage profile of spaces changes suddenly, and where the controllers have to react rapidly to large heating demands. EH-105 monitors all necessary environmental variables, and controls intelligently without adverse effects.

Operation mode display
The supply air display shows all variables that influence the supply air temperature.
The AHU Output display shows all variables that control the AHU output level at the moment.
The connection Info display shows used and available inputs.

Intelligent start-up modes
The Ouman EH-105 controller offers a multitude of automatic start-up modes. These modes guarantee that the AHU starts smoothly even at very low temperatures, and reduces the number of frost alarms.

Intelligent ventilation
saves energy

Ouman EH-105’s demand based ventilation features offer significant energy savings. The EH-105 controller can, for example, be configured to start only when the CO2 levels exceed the maximum limit and to stop automatically when ventilation is no longer required.

Ventilation levels can also be controlled via occupancy sensors. When the space is occupied,  EH-105 automatically starts the air handling unit and provides post-ventilation when the space is empty.


Flexible time programming
Ouman EH-105 has exceptionally flexible built-in scheduling options that control air handling unit operation.

The weekday program controls the daily running times according to a week day rhythm.

The Special Day program
offers an extra ’eight’ day program that can be activated for days of the year having a similar schedule different than any normal day of the week.

The special calendar makes it possible to replace certain days of the year with this kind of special day program or exchange a normal day of the week for some other day.

For example, Dec. 25 and 26 are Wednesday and Thursday but they have a Sunday schedule.

Automatic service alarms
Ouman EH-105 has a built-in hours run counter with an alarm limit so that service personnel can check hours run and determine when they have to do service checks on the unit.

Conserving energy when cooling
Ouman EH-105 minimises requirements for mechanical cooling and conserves  energy by using outside air  when the outside air temperature is below the room temperature.

Air Handling Unit Controller for Demanding Applications

The intelligent and flexible EH-105 controller is suitable for a wide range of applications. It is ideal for complex residential and business complexes, as well as  schools and health centers, where indoor air quality must meet high standards. The Ouman EH-105 controller can be used with both inverter and on/off controlled fans. The controller also has comprehensive alarm functions and patented GSM remote control and monitoring options.

Flexible Measurements
Ouman EH-105 can be connected to measure up to 18 variables:
- 11 analogue inputs
  (6 NTC and 5 transmitter measurements)
- 7 digital inputs (volt-free contacts)

Analogue inputs can also be used as digital inputs.
The controller is networkable using LonTalk or Modbus protocols.

Flexible Control
Ouman EH-105 can also control one to five stages based on pressure measurement making it ideal for VAV installations. Electric heater  control is an option.

Comprehensive alarms
Ouman EH-105 has a built-in alarm system that monitors the measurement inputs and the status of the digital inputs. The alarms are prioritised to A and B according to their urgency.

Priority A alarms

Frost alarm
Fire alarm
Thermal relay alarm
Pump run alarm
Overheat alarm
Return water sensor failure
Supply air temperature
sensor fault
Smoke alarm
Emergency stop
Pressure alar

Priority B alarms

Constant offset alarms
Flow alarms
Fan failure
Pump alarms
Thermal relay alarms
Heat recovery unit efficiency alarm
Filter alarms
Water leakage alarms


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